Aqua-weld Film

"AQUA-WELD" Film is a water soluble Industrial plastic film, used as a purge gas barrier during TIG Welding.


  • Possesses good barrier against Argon and Helium & Easily dissolve in water
  • High resistant to pressure, allowing for greater positive pressure to be maintained in dammed area
  • Highly flexible, allowing for easy use in any situation
  • Can be punctured for gas inlets and outlets with minimum risk of tearing or splitting


Apply Water Soluble Adhesive to inner Surface of pipe. Cut "AQUA-WELD" Film in a circle, which is slightly bigger than pipe diameter. Press glossy surface of "AQUA-WELD" Film to gluey inner surface of pipe.

"AQUA - WELD" Film is available in Roll as well as Sheet form.

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