CERA-WELD Back-up Tape

"CERA-WELD" Back-up Tape is composed of Ceramic titles attached to Aluminium tape on which special heat resistant adhesive is coated. This product is designed to provide welds that are free from porosity and inclusions. "CERA-WELD" can be used for all types of metal, and it is suitable for One-side Welding process, like TIG, MIG, GMAW, SMAW, FCAW, SAW. Co2 etc.



  • No need for back gouging or chipping
  • Saves cost, time and electricity
  • X-ray quality back beads
  • No need for back gouging or chipping
  • Deposit more weld metals for full penetration

"CERA-WELD" Back-up Tape is available in various customized shapes & sizes

Cheapest price & Best Quality
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