WONDER-WELD Aluminum Back-up Tape
For contamination free welding

“Wonder-weld” back-up tape is high temperature aluminum tape, with a special feature of proving contamination free welding.

It has two sections of adhesive, which are separated by adhesive free section in center. Outer edges with adhesive are useful to stick the tape on welding object, which covers the root gap firmly. Yet, due to center section of adhesive free area, root gap will not be contacted by any adhesive. This results into clean, contaminant free & chemical free weld.

This tape is super soft and can be easily applied to any metal and on flat or uneven surfaces.

“Wonder-weld” aluminum tape has imperative uses in industries such as Electronics, Telecommunication, Automobile, HVAC & Construction, Aeronautics & Marine, Chemical power plants, Oil & Petrol industries, as well as Defense and Military.

For adhesive heat resistance level is up to 180 C, while base of aluminum tape can resist heat up to 600 C.


  • High temperature, heat resistance level up to 180 C.
  • Clean, Contaminant free weld, with a minimal waste of gas.
  • Free from Halogen, fluoride, chloride & Bromide.
  • Reduces post welding clean-up time, no costly X-rays are needed
  • Reduces amount of gas used
  • Improve the safety of your workplace
How "WONDER-WELD" Aluminium Back-up Tape Works

Gently remove paper cover so adhesive section will be exposed. Place adhesive free section at center of back side of root gap. Firmly press the adhesive section to both the sides of welding root gap. Adhesive never comes in contact with the weld joint, resulting into clean contaminant-free weld.
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