QUICK-WELD Fiberglass Back-up Tape

"QUICK-WELD" Fiberglass Back-up Tape is a Heat resistant self adhesive aluminum tape with a woven High Insulation Fiberglass center strip, designed to eliminate the need for purging and create air free weld pool enclosure . IT is used for Pressure Vessels, Ship Fabrication, Heay Engineering etc. It is suitable for TIG & MIG Welding.


  • Reduces setup time
  • Saves argon gas, as no purging required
  • Weld one side only
  • Eliminates back chipping
  • Eliminates defects and reworks
  • Eliminates gouging and grinding

How to Use?
Step1 Step2 Step3
Gently remove paper cover from one side, so adhesive section will be exposed Take Center and place the fiberglass section at backside of Root gap.Firmly stick adhesive section to the area surrounding the root gap Remove paper cover from the other side and press it firmly to the other side of welding object. This ensures the air free seal to the entire root gap area.

Thickness 40mil, 70mil, 120mil
"QUICK-WELD" Fiberglass Back-up Tape is available in various Customized sizes.
Standard Size: 75mm Metalic tape , 25mm High Insulation tape, 20mtr. Long Roll

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